PHHP Proposal Submission Guidelines

All research activities by faculty and staff in the College must be agreed to by your department chair, the College, and the University (Research and Graduate Programs) before submitting a proposal to an agency/institution for consideration.  This applies to ALL submissions requesting funding assistance, whether internal, external, or private.

Salary requested should match effort on proposal (exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis).

In an effort to address the needs of College researchers, and to facilitate submissions, Deans Perri and Cottler have requested that all proposals be reviewed by the Dean’s Office no later than 48 hours in advance of a deadline. Investigators and staff need to make sure to incorporate this internal timeline when considering submissions and determining how much time will be necessary to route their proposals. An early review of budgets will free the researcher from administrative details at the last minute and allow his/her concentration to be on the scientific aspects of the proposal.  Having said that, we realize that there are instances when this timeline will not be able to be utilized and we will make every effort to review your proposals in a timely fashion should a short turn-around be necessary.

Assistance is available for help in figuring preliminary budgets.  Please contact your departmental grants administrators or Conroy Smith at 273-5232 or via email at

Once your budget has been finalized at the department level, you can proceed in one of two ways:

1)  You can route your INCOMPLETE grant for budget approval only.  Please see our webpage Minimal Items for Dean’s Office Signagure to determine what minimal forms are necessary for routing purposes.

2)  You can route your COMPLETED grant for signature as soon as it is finished.

Please note that the routing process can take time since each department and college involved will review the proposal as appropriate concerning their personnel involved in the project. To avoid problems at the last minute, please note the Dean’s policy above regarding budget review and route accordingly.