Award Opportunities

Please see below for current award opportunities.

Spring 2025

FEO Award

An award offered through the Office of the Provost for faculty enhancement.

The next period for FEO submissions will be announced in Fall 2024. See below for more information and past winners.

Southeastern Conference Visiting Faculty Travel Grant Program

This initiative gives faculty from one SEC university the opportunity to travel to another SEC campus to: exchange ideas; develop grant proposals; conduct research; consult with faculty and/or students; offer lectures or symposia; or engage in whatever academic activities are agreeable to the visitor and host unit. The next period for cycle 2025 -2026 submissions will be announced in Spring 2025.

Research Opportunity Fund (ROSF)

An annual seed grant program that targets interdisciplinary, faculty-initiated research initiatives for extramural support.

The next period for 2025 submissions will be announced in early Fall 2024. See below for more information and past winners.

Past PHHP Awardees

Distinguished Professor/Curator:

This award acknowledges an exceptional record of achievement in the areas of teaching, research and publication, and professional and public service that is recognized both nationally and internationally. The final decision is made by the President with the advice of the Academic Personnel Board.

Distinguished Professor/Curator Awardees:

Faculty name: Department year of award
Krista Vandenborne Physical Therapy 2017

UF Research Foundation Professorships:

These awards annually recognize faculty research contributions and provide incentives for continued excellence in research. Each Professorship is awarded for a three-year period and includes a $5,000 annual salary supplement and a $3,000 research grant. Associate and Full Professors who are tenured and who have been on the UF faculty for at least five years are eligible to be nominated by their colleges.

UF Research Foundation Professorship Awardees:

Faculty Name Department Year of award
Tara Sabo-Attwood Environmental & Global Health 2020
Ronald Cohen Clinical & Health Psychology 2019
Michael Robinson Clinical & Health Psychology 2018
Ira Longini Biostatistics 2017
David Fuller Physical Therapy 2016
Carolynn Patten Physical Therapy 2015
Catherine Price Clinical & Health Psychology 2014
Robert Cook Epidemiology 2013
Michael Marsiske Clinical & Health Psychology 2012
David Janicke Clinical & Health Psychology 2011

Research Opportunity Seed Fund:

This annual seed grant program targets interdisciplinary, faculty-initiated research initiatives with potential for extramural support up to $100,000 over two years. It funds new projects and/or new collaborative partnerships. Awardees listed are either PI or CoPI.

Research Opportunity Seed Fund Awardees:

Faculty Name Department Year of Award
Federico Pozzi Physical Therapy 2023
Joy Gabrielli Clinical and Health Psychology 2023
Gordon Mitchell Physical Therapy 2023
Stephen Kimmel Epidemiology 2022
Krishna Vaddiparti Epidemiology 2022
Deepthi Varma (CoPI) Epidemiology 2022
Rhonda Bacher (CoPI) Biostatistics 2021
Karen Hegland (PI) Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 2021
Matthew Masapollo (PI) Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 2021
Joseph Bisesi (PI) Environmental & Global Health 2020

Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors:

The Provost’s Office offers the Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors recognizing excellence in research. Each award is a one-time allocation of $5,000 in support of research that can be used to fund travel, equipment, books, graduate students, and other research-related expenses.

Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors Awardees:

Faculty Name Department Year of award
Jeff Boissoneault Clinical & Health Psychology 2021
Natalie Dean Biostatistics 2020
Katheryn Ross Clinical & Health Psychology 2019
David Fedele Clinical & Health Psychology 2018

For information regarding nomination packet requirements: Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors

Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) Awards:

This award advances the academic/professional/scholarly abilities of faculty members in the Health Science Center. The awards are more flexible in nature and duration than traditional sabbaticals. The award, of approximately $40,000, is sponsored by the President’s Office and the award amount can vary widely, depending on the expenses required by the project; however, the recipient’s unit is required to provide some resources towards the activity. A number of awards have been made to PHHP faculty—approximately 2 per year.

FEO Application examples available to PHHP faculty (requires UFL faculty login authentication)

Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) Awardees:

Faculty name Department year of award
Joy Gabrielli Clinical & Health Psychology Spring 2023
Zulma Santiago Zayas Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Spring 2023
Sherrilene Classen Occupational Therapy Fall 2022
Rhonda Bacher Biostatistics Spring 2022
Andrew Kane Environmental & Global Health Spring 2022
Catalina Lopez-Quintero Epidemiology Spring 2022
Kathryn Ross Clinical & Health Psychology Spring 2022
Song Liang Environmental & Global Health Spring 2019
Mattia Prosperi Epidemiology Spring 2019
Krishna Vaddiparti Epidemiology Spring 2019