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Clinicians may now be able to tell COVID-19 from seasonal flu with fast turnaround

An interdisciplinary team has developed a game-changing diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 that is fast, reliable, low-cost and capable of differentiating between COVID-19 and influenza.

OT researcher and collaborators receive $4.8 million to evaluate mental health service delivery for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Investigators aim to determine the best way to deliver crisis prevention mental health services for youth and young adults with IDD and their families.

Projections for omicron wave in Florida

Newest projections for what the omicron wave may look like in Florida between now and February 2022.

Using ‘baby talk’ with infants isn’t just cute: It could help them learn to make words

A new study suggests that when parents baby talk to their infants, they might be helping them learn to produce speech.