Centers & Institutes
College of Public Health and Health Professions

The College of Public Health and Health Professions is home to multiple centers and institutes.

Second only to the College of Medicine among the UF Health Science Center colleges. Researchers in the college’s centers are conducting research in a wide range of areas, brief summaries and links to Center/Institute pages can be found below.

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Dept of physical therapy

Breathing Research & Therapeutics Center

BREATHE, the only center of its kind, brings together basic researchers, engineers, clinical researchers and practitioners in an effort to better understand respiratory motor control and the translation of new discoveries into therapeutic and rehabilitation strategies that will treat devastating clinical disorders that compromise breathing and other movements, including spinal cord injury and multiple neuromuscular diseases.

Dept of Clinical and Health Psychology

Center for Pain Research & Behavioral Health

Our Center is dedicated to the investigation and understanding of the experience of pain and substance use in humans. Projects range from psychophysical studies of pain perception to studies of acute alcohol effects and substance use/pain interactions.

Dept of Clinical and Health psychology

Center for Pediatric Psychology & Family Studies

Our mission is to foster the development and dissemination of research about the relationships among health, illness, behavior, and adjustment in children, youth, and families. The Center involves collaborations of scientists from several areas of expertise (psychologists, pediatricians, dieticians and biostatisticians).

dept of speech, language, and Hearing sciences

Hearing Research Center

The Center’s missions are two-fold: discovery of new fundamental knowledge about hearing, hearing disorders, and the physical and biochemical processes that drive those disorders; and translation/application of those findings with corresponding public health outreach to effectively educate all populations.

dept of occupational therapy

Institute for Driving, Activity, Participation, and Technology

I-DAPT is strategically aligned to promote research and scholarship across the domains of mobility, activity and participation (MAP). Our mission is to utilize approaches from occupational therapy, rehabilitation science, and public health to access and enhance the MAP of people, communities and populations for their meaningful, productive and autonomous engagement in everyday life.