PHHP Research Committee

PHHP Research Committee

The Research Committee coordinates the annual Research Day, reviews recommendations for University and College research awards and provides input on matters relating to research activities including evaluations of Centers and Institutes. There is an elected faculty representative from each department.


  • Coordination and/or grant proposal review for specific activities and events, such as the UF Opportunity Fund, the Brooks Research Development Grants, and legislative supported requests.
  • Proposal review of and recommendation for recipients of specific university and college research grants and awards, including the graduate student mini-grants and PHHP Research Day awards.
  • Provision of input on proposed or new PHHP, University and community research opportunities
  • Periodic assessment of available research opportunities and recommendations for revisions, deletions, and/or additions to current research activities, awards, and policies.
PHHP Research Committee

Phhp research committee


Whether it's a seminar or a social hour, the PHHP Research Committee is dedicated to bringing professional development opportunities to the college.

The Research Committee:

The Research Committee shall consist of one elected faculty representative per department and one doctoral level student.. In addition, the Associate Dean for Research shall serve on the committee in a non-voting capacity. The committee shall annually elect its own chair from its faculty members. The chair may be re-elected without term limits.

A subcommittee of PhD students, one representing each department as well as one representing the interdisciplinary Social Behavioral Sciences PhD program, shall contribute to the planning of Research Day and other College research activities and awards focused on students. The student subcommittee shall elect a student representative and an alternate to serve as a voting member on the PHHP Research Committee. The alternate shall provide a proxy vote if the elected student representative is not available to attend a meeting. The student subcommittee and student representative will be selected each year; students may be re-appointed.

Faculty/Staff Members:

Name Department
Rhonda Bacher Biostatistics
Kat Ross Clinical and Health Psychology
Andrew Kane Environmental and Global Health
Catalina Lopez-Quintero Epidemiology
Molly Jacobs Health Services Research, Management and Policy
Jessica Kramer Occupational Therapy, Research Committee Chair
Russell Hepple Physical Therapy
Karen Hegland Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Adam Woods Dean’s Office

Student Sub-Committee

Name Department
David Gabrielli Biostatistics
Taylor Swanson Clinical and Health Psychology
Rebecca Austin-Datta Epidemiology
Lauren Hintenlang Environmental and Global Health (Voting Member)
Roxanne Wang Health Services Research, Management, and Policy
Raghu Chandrashekhar Occupational Therapy
Ethan Benevides Physical Therapy
Shahzadhi Nyakhar Social and Behavioral Sciences