Important Information for Speed Presentations

Charly Scarlett

This virtual format will challenge our presenters to make a short video presentation.

Each presenter will have to create PowerPoint slides which include a title slide (Presenter Name, Department, Mentor), overview, results, conclusions and acknowledgements. This should take no more than 7 slides and presenters are expected to make a 2-3 minute *Speed* video presentation using these slides. Students are asked to record their presentations alone via Zoom and upload them (MP4 format) into a OneDrive Folder where they will be combined according to the group each student was assigned. This platform, in addition to Zoom, is being utilized for Research Day 2021. Just as in the in-person Research Day, you will be assigned a specific time slot that you will be required to be online to showcase your speed presentation for a small group of your peers and faculty based on keywords provided in the abstract submission form. Videos will be played one after another with some time at the end for moderated questions within the Zoom platform. During this timeslot, our judges will visit your presentations virtually. To view your designated group and timeslot- please scroll to the bottom of this page

Important Dates

  • December 16, 2020 11:59pm: Deadline for abstract submissions
  • January 28, 2021 11:59pm: Deadline for speed video presentation (MP4 format) submissions to OneDrive
  • February 11, 2021 3:00-5:00pm: Virtual Speed Presentation Sessions

Submit an Abstract. Deadline to submit: Friday, December 18, 2020 5:00pm

Speed Presenter Instructions

After the abstract deadline, we will send out instructions for uploading your 2-3 minute presentation to Canvas. All speed presentation materials must be uploaded by January 28, 2021 by 11:59pm. Presentations that go over 3 minute cut off will NOT be accepted.

Power Point Presentation Template:

We encourage you to use this template for your presentation. Remember to acknowledge any Shared Resources utilized during this research. When recording your speed presentation on Zoom, be sure to “share screen” and display your PowerPoint.

Review Process:

Each abstract will be reviewed and scored by 2-3 PHHP faculty volunteers, using competitive judging guidelines. Reviewers will include faculty both internal and external to your department/program in order to provide a robust review process during Research Day (your mentor will NOT judge your abstract). Judging criteria is COMING SOON


Abstract awards will be limited to students in PHHP graduate degree programs. A limited number of awards for future professional travel will be available to the top awardees. Winners will be announced at Research Day.

Research Day 2021 Speed Presentation Groups*

Group Name Time slot Presenters (Last name only, Postdocs are bolded)
1a- COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases 3:15-3:45pm Acosta, Bitsie, Guerrero, Haleem, Hausman, Jun, Rainey
1b-Aging and Older Adults 3:15-3:45pm Boutzoukas, Evangelista, Fisk, Hardcastle, Lloyd, Skinner-Burke
1c-Behaviors, Perceptions and Indicators 3:15-3:45pm Berger, Ellison, Layne, Mburu, Medina, Meyers, Horta
1d-Chronic Illness 1 3:15-3:45pm Austin-Datta, Lopez, Muellner, O’Neal, Ratajska, Strom
2a-Chronic Illness 2 3:45-4:15pm Blackwell, Bottari, Dallal York, Kenney, Smith-Sherry, Wei
2b- Novel and Complex Methods 3:45-4:15pm Benevides, Fragnito, Kelly, Love, Madani, O’Connor
2c-Technology and Innovation 3:45-4:15pm Corcoran, Hwangbo, Jeghers, LeBeau, Oliver, Smith, Velez
2d-Modeling and Analysis 3:45-4:15pm Ahn, Crisp, Fitzgerald, Ghita, Huo, Kang, Wu (Q)
3a-Substance Use 4:25-4:55pm Britton, Falise, Gonzalez Paz, Hoeflich, Sajdeya, Wang, Rung
3b- Health and Wellness 4:25-4:55pm Arroyo, Gonzalez-Louis, Nutley, Parisi, Scarlett, Ugwoaba, Sharma
3c- Microbiome and Environment 4:25-4:55pm Anyaso-Samuel, Bansal, Ellis, Jiang, Sakib, Wormington
3d- Cancer and other Diseases 4:25-4:55pm Cameron, Jacobs, Mir, Rymer, Singer, Wijayabahu, Wu (D)

*It is important to note that these groups are just for the speed presentation times/order. These do not reflect how your abstracts are judged/scored.