Research Day 2022 Abstract Submission Form

Research Day 2022 abstract submissions are now web-based! All abstracts require review and approval from faculty mentors prior to submission. Abstracts, including background, methods, results, and conclusions, should be reviewed and approved by mentors using the  “PHHP RD 22 Abstract & Mentor Review Form.” This signed form is a required upload during the web submission process. Abstracts must be submitted by Wednesday December 15 by 5:00pm ET.

  • Use this document for faculty mentor approval if you are a graduate/doctoral student
  • Use this document for faculty mentor approval if you are a post-doctoral fellow/associate, clinical fellow, research fellow, intern

Important Memo: Abstract Judging Update

Each abstract will be reviewed and scored by 2-3 PHHP faculty volunteers, using competitive judging criteria. Reviewers will include faculty both internal and external to your department/program in order to provide a robust review process during Research Day (your mentor will NOT judge your abstract).