Requesting Keys for Research Complex

Please see the bullet points below for appropriate guidelines

  • If you have new laboratory personnel who require a key, please ask your faculty to email Linda Garzarella-Colon at with the name of the person they’d like to issue a key to. We cannot issue a key to Research Complex space without written permission of the faculty member.
  • Please ask the recipient of the key to contact Linda Garzarella-Colon via phone (273-5745) or email (see address above) to arrange a time to come to her office (Room 4178, HPNP) to sign out their key.
  • Each recipient will need to bring their Gator1 ID with them for verification purposes.
  • If your laboratory personnel will only be present in the Research Complex during normal business hours when the lab is already open, your faculty members might consider limiting the number of keys he/she authorizes to be issued.
  • For security purposes, keys cannot be “passed down” from exiting students to incoming students. Please ask your departing personnel to return their keys to Linda Garzarella-Colon so she can correct the records and issue the key to a new recipient.
  • We do not recommend the use of lockboxes for laboratory access. They are a security violation and are not supported by the keyshop.