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Sean Forbes

Published: October 5th, 2011

Dr. Forbes’ research utilizes magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy to monitor the progression of disease and potential treatments in muscular dystrophies. His research incorporates a translational approach, and includes investigating […]

Researchers map the global spread of drug-resistant influenza

Published: September 15th, 2011

Ira Longini

Published: August 29th, 2011

Dr Longini’s research interests are in the area of stochastic processes applied to epidemiological problems. He has specialized in the mathematical and statistical theory of epidemics–a process that involves constructing […]

Yueh-Yun Chi

Published: August 24th, 2011

Dr. Chi’s primary methodological research is currently focused on developing powerful statistical methods for design and analysis data with many outcomes. Applications include, but not limited to, microarray experiments, mass […]

Study shows patients who have had a stroke can improve walking ability

Published: May 27th, 2011

Researchers Find Social Hookah Smoking Packs a Carbon Monoxide Punch

Published: April 13th, 2011

A new University of Florida study shows that patrons leaving hookah cafés had carbon monoxide levels more than three times higher than patrons exiting traditional bars.

New UF-created technique may help quell cholera outbreak

Published: March 30th, 2011

A new technique honed by University of Florida scientists can track rapid molecular changes that occur in cholera strains during epidemics and researchers hope the genetic analysis will help stamp […]

‘Normal’ Hearing in College Students

Published: March 28th, 2011

UF study: ‘Normal’ hearing in college students may not be so normal March 15, 2011 For media inquiries call Jill Pease at 352-273-5816 or e-mail GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Some […]

UF study examines patient treatment decisions for colorectal cancer

Published: December 15th, 2010

A new University of Florida study will take an in-depth look at the factors involved in treatment decisions made by people with colorectal cancer. The study is funded by a […]

Agricultural Workers Sought for National Influenza Study

Published: December 15th, 2010

Agricultural workers age 18 years or older who work with swine, turkeys, geese or ducks may be eligible for enrollment in a University of Florida study of influenza and agricultural […]