PHHP Days 2024 Abstract/Capstone Submissions

This page provides all info related to PHHP Days 2024 abstract submissions. Abstracts, including background, methods, results, and conclusions, should be reviewed and approved by faculty members prior to submission. Abstracts must be submitted by Thursday, February 15 by 11:59pm ET.


  • Undergraduate, master’s, PhD graduate, and professional doctoral students enrolled in a PHHP program are eligible to submit an abstract, present, and will be considered for an award. Post-baccalaureate students are eligible to submit an abstract and present, but will not be considered for an award.
    • Note: Post-baccalaureate and Undergraduate students are only eligible to give poster presentations. MPH students are only eligible to give capstone oral/poster presentations.
  • Only one first-authored abstract/capstone submission per eligible student; student must be first author.
  • Post-Doctoral Associates/Fellows, Clinical Fellows, Research Fellows or Interns may also submit an abstract and present but are not eligible for an award.

Abstract/Capstone Submission Categories

Abstracts will be designated as affiliated with one of two submission categories, as selected by the student/post-doc during the submission process:

  • Basic, foundational, and pre-clinical research: Research that is directed toward greater knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomena and of observable facts in order build theory and knowledge to inform practice. It includes all scientific study and experimentation directed toward a topic or area that has not been clearly identified or explored. This includes bench/basic sciences, methodological innovations, and research that improves our understanding of underlying mechanisms.
  • Applied, clinical, and community research: Research to identify practical solutions to health challenges and needs. These problems or issues can be on an individual level group or societal level. Solutions may include intervention/implementation/dissemination research, the development of tools for practice, or the evaluation of existing processes, practices, and communications. The process of applied research is often referred to as a scientific process because it uses the practical application of the available scientific tools to get to the determined solutions.

Abstract Submission Process

The abstract includes Title, Background, Methods, Results, and ConclusionsTotal word count for these sections must be no more than 250 words (not counting the section headers).
In addition, describe the relevance of the research for Public Health or Health Professions and report all Funding Sources. These fields do not have a word limit.

To submit your abstract/capstone, click here. 

PHHP Days 2024 abstracts, including background, methods, results, and conclusions, should be reviewed and approved by faculty members prior to submission. Abstracts must be submitted by Thursday, February 15 by 11:59pm ET.

Capstone Submission Process

Using the submission form here, MPH and MHA Students are required to submit the following details for their PHHP Days Capstone presentation by February 15 at 11:59pm ET:

  • Primary faculty mentor name and email address
  • A working title for their capstone presentation
  • 2-3 abstract keywords describing their capstone presentation
  • Any funding/shared resources utilized for their capstone presentation
  • A full listing of co-authors

Note: Final capstone titles and full abstracts must be uploaded to the Capstone Project Canvas Site by March 17 at 11:59pm ET. Questions regarding final capstone submissions can be directed to Telisha Martin

Abstract Judging

Each abstract will be reviewed and scored by 2-3 PHHP faculty volunteers, using competitive judging criteria. 

  • How well are the aim(s) or hypothesis (es) clearly stated?
  • How adequate are the method for the stated aim(s)/hypothesis(es)?
  • How well does the study address a gap in knowledge?
  • How well does the study address the impact on human health?

Reviewers will include faculty both internal and external to your department/program in order to provide a robust review process during PHHP Days. Your mentor or faculty co-authors will NOT judge your abstract.


Awards recognize and support graduate students who are conducting innovative research as it pertains to both Public Health & Health Professions. Abstract awards will be limited to students in PHHP undergraduate and graduate degree programs.