Center for Pediatric Psychology and Family Studies

Director: David Janicke, Ph.D
Department: Clinical and Health Psychology
Phone: (352) 273-6046

The focus of this center is on behavioral health and adjustment in children, youth, and families. Clinical child and pediatric psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and their students work collaboratively on a variety of research activities related to quality of life, adherence to medical treatments, coping with issues associated with chronic illness or injury, and the behavioral and social adjustment of children with both internalizing and externalizing behavior disorders and their families. The Center currently supports projects evaluating disease self-management in youth with acute and chronic illness, adolescent health risk behavior, childhood obesity and other behavioral health related problems. These interdisciplinary projects involve collaborative efforts between the UF Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, the UF Department of Psychiatry, and the UF Department of Pediatrics. The Center provides a source of support for development of new research initiatives or for expansion of current projects through such mechanisms as yearly mini-grants to graduate students, student travel stipends, provision of stipend and tuition for graduate research assistants, and funding for faculty laboratory equipment or supplies.