Center for Pain Research and Behavioral Health

Director: Michael E. Robinson, Ph.D.
Department: Clinical and Health Psychology
Phone: (352) 265-0490

The Center for Pain Research and Behavioral Health is dedicated to the investigation and understanding of the experience of pain in humans and to educate future scientists and health professionals consistent with the most current knowledge in the area of pain. The Center involves a collaboration of scientists from several disciplines (Clinical Psychology, Dentistry, Medicine, Neuroscience, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Computer Science and Engineering) who have pooled their resources and expertise to more fully understand the etiology, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of pain conditions. Projects range from basic science investigations of pain processing in the human brain to prediction of treatment outcome in clinical trials for chronic pain. Trainees working in the lab also conduct research in several clinical settings including the Spine Center, Psychiatry Pain Center, and Rheumatology.