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Ira Longini

Dr Longini’s research interests are in the area of stochastic processes applied to epidemiological problems. He has specialized in the mathematical and statistical theory of epidemics–a process that involves constructing and analyzing mathematical models of disease transmission, disease progression and the analysis of infectious disease data based on these models.

Yueh-Yun Chi

Dr. Chi’s primary methodological research is currently focused on developing powerful statistical methods for design and analysis data with many outcomes. Applications include, but not limited to, microarray experiments, mass spectrometry and NMR metabolomic profiling and medical imaging studies.

Meenakshi Devidas

Meenakshi Devidas is the PI of the grant for the branch of the Children’s Oncology Group Statistics and Data Center (COG SDC) located at the University of Florida. The COG is a NCI sponsored pediatric clinical trials cooperative group with over 200 member research institutions in the US, Canada, Australia,…

Babette Brumback

Dr. Brumback’s recent methodological research investigates methods for causal inference with complex survey data. She has been particularly interested in methods for adjusting for unmeasured cluster-level confounding with complex sampling designs. This has led to the development of new methods stemming from conditional likelihood techniques, generalized linear mixed models, and…

Arlene Naranjo

Dr. Arlene Naranjo is a Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Florida. As a senior statistician in the areas of neuroblastoma and renal tumors with the Children’s Oncology Group Statistics and Data Center, Dr. Naranjo is responsible for designing future studies, performing sample size and power calculations,…