PHHP Research Day 2020

Call for Abstracts – PHHP Research Day – *New Deadline* January 3, 2020 5:00 pm

PHHP Research Day,  February 6, 2020 – Abstract for Poster Presentation

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of abstract submissions is January 3, 2020 by 5PM. You will need to print your form, affix signatures, then scan and send a single PDF file(PHHP-Research-Day-2020-Abstract-Submission-Graduate Student-Template) via email to Ms. Zoe Martusewicz at Incomplete, incorrectly formatted, and late submissions will NOT be accepted.

CONTACT: Zoe Martusewicz,, (352) 294-5947

Eligibility – To be eligible to submit an abstract/poster presentation at PHHP Research Day, graduate students must be enrolled in a PHHP program and acknowledge it on their submission. A UF faculty mentor must have been involved in the research study, and that mentor, who must also be a co-author, must sign the submission form. Student MUST be first author.  We will accept only one first-authored abstract submission per eligible student.

Abstract – Provide a structured abstract with the following components: Title, Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Public Health and Health Professions Relevance, Funding Sources, and Student Role on Study. Total word count within the Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions sections can be no more than 300 words. The Public Health and Health Professions Relevance, Funding Sources, and Student Role on Study sections are not included in the word count limitation but should be included on abstract submission page. Use Arial 11 font for all sections. Define any abbreviations at first use, and avoid technical jargon. Give special attention to clarity of communication. Be sure abstracts are easily understood by someone outside of your discipline.

Use the following information as a guide for what to include in your abstract submission:

  • Title of Study – Cannot exceed 200 characters.
  • Background – Key questions or issues addressed, and clearly stated hypothesis.
  • Methods – Identify the research design (e.g., experimental, retrospective, observational, randomized controlled trial, etc.), participants and sampling strategy, measures, and the specific procedures employed, including how findings were evaluated (statistical tests: analysis of variance, hierarchical multiple regression, etc.)
  • Results – Major findings, including measures of significance.
  • Conclusions – Provide implications and limitations of findings, innovation for field.
  • Public Health and/or Health Professions Relevance – In a sentence or two, describe the potential relevance and significance of this research for human health.
  • Funding Sources – Sources of funding for the research being presented.



Review Process – Each poster will be reviewed and scored by 2-3 PHHP faculty volunteers during Research Day using competitive judging guidelines. All reviewers will be outside your/your mentor’s home department to reduce the potential for real or perceived conflict of interest. Judging criteria is posted here

Awards – Poster awards will be limited to students in PHHP graduate degree programs. A limited number of awards for future professional travel will be available to the top awardees. Winning posters will be announced at Research Day. Photo will be taken with mentor and PHHP Leadership.

*NEW* Poster Guidelines –

  • PHHP’s Research Day 2020 will be utilizing the #betterposter template in portrait layout, found here
  • Poster boards will be mounted to a foam board and easel and the form board will be 4 ft long/tall x 3 ft wide. You can make a larger poster but it will hang off the foam board.

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