Scott Griffiths

Published: April 4th, 2010

Category: G-L, Research Faculty, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Griffiths’ primary research investigates the impact of auditory and balance disorders in the behavioral, electrophysiologic, and psychosocial domains. His current line of research examines the relations among attentional control, other executive functions and auditory processing disorder. He has examined aspects of this interaction in adolescents, younger and older adults, and adults with fluency disorders. Another current line of research in the assessment of auditory and balance disorders is the assessment of the otoprotective function of antioxidant therapy in exposure to intense sounds. Another area of recent research for Dr. Griffiths is in the impact of assistive devices for individuals with communication and balance disorders, including FM technology for persons with hearing impairment and auditory feedback devices for persons with fluency disorders.