Institute for Advanced Study of Communication Processes (IASCP)

Director: Scott Griffiths, Ph.D,
Department: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Phone: (352) 273-372

The Institute for Advanced Study of Communication Processes (IASCP) is an organization representing several disciplines including, Phonetic Sciences, Hearing Sciences, Linguistics, Human Factors, Engineering and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Its membership is comprised of a large corps of on-campus investigators, as well as numerous colleagues from across the country and around the world. IASCP’s many functions are:

  1. To encourage and foster research by providing aid to faculty attempting to obtain grants and contracts.
  2. To expand the scientific/scholarly thrust for both graduate and undergraduate programs in the Communication Processes.
  3. To provide faculty with scientific facilities not ordinarily found in typical University units and departments.
  4. To strengthen the relevant existing academic programs by providing these (collaborating) departments with additional research and laboratory resources.
  5. To stimulate scientific programs taught by its scholars/teachers.

In this regard, IASCP sponsors innovative programs that tend to bring larger numbers of students into greater contact with faculty who are established in fields related to human communication, to attract relevant scientists and scholars to the University system, and to provide service through the practical application of its research.