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PHHP Research Committee

The Research Committee shall act for the faculty in matters relating to college and University research activities and awards. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordination and/or grant proposal review for specific activities and events, such as the UF Opportunity Fund, the Brooks Research Development Grants, and legislative supported requests.
  • Proposal review of and recommendation for recipients of specific university and college research grants and awards, including the graduate student mini-grants and PHHP Research Day awards.
  • Provision of input on proposed or new PHHP, University and community research opportunities
  • Periodic assessment of available research opportunities and recommendations for revisions, deletions, and/or additions to current research activities, awards, and policies.

The Research Committee shall consist of one elected faculty representative per department and one doctoral level student. In addition, one research staff member will be appointed by the dean or his or her designee. The committee shall annually elect its own chair from its faculty members. The chair may be re-elected without term limits.

Name Department Term End
Vonetta Dotson CHP July 2016
Catherine Striley, Chair EPI July 2015
John Lednicky EGH July 2015
Edward Lobarinas SLH July 2016
Nicole Marlow HSRMP July 2016
Juliette Christie BSCH July 2016
Carolynn Patten PT July 2016
Sergio Romero OT July 2015
Meenakshi Devidas BIO July 2015
Cesar Escobar-Viera Student Representative July 2015
Jorden Bestland PHHP Research Core ongoing

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