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PHHP Research Administration Core

The PHHP Administration Core Team provides pre-award and post-award services for  all of the departments in the College of Public Health and Health Professions, including Biostatistics, Behavioral Sciences & Community Health,  Clinical & Health Psychology, Dean’s Office, Epidemiology, Environmental & Global Health, Health Services Research, Management & Policy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences.

Faculty projects are managed by the team as a group, with individuals assigned for overall adminstrative management of studies.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Linda B. Cottler, Associate Dean for Research, 273-5468
  • Jorden Bestland, CRA, Coordinator, Research Programs 2, 273-5232, Room 2129 HPNP
  • Barbara Janowitz, Coordinator, Research Programs 4, 273-6445, Room 2128 HPNP
  • Linda Garzarella-Colon, Coordinator, Statistical Research, 273-5745, Room 2122 HPNP
  • Richelle Davis, Sr. Grants Specialist, 273-6154, Room 2126 HPNP
  • Julie Smith, Sr. Grants Specialist, 273-6206, Room 2127 HPNP
  • Lissette Neukam, Sr. Grants Specialist, 273-6766, Room 2124 HPNP
  • Patricia Chesborough, Sr. Grants Specialist, 273-6197, Room 2124 HPNP
  • Thomas Willingham, Grants Assistant, 273-5246, Room 2122 HPNP
  • Debbie Powell, Grants Assistant, 273-7808, Room 2122 HPNP